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If the SQL Server instance on the active node fails, the passive node becomes the active node and begins to run the SQL Server production workload with minimal failover downtime. What Clustering Can Do Clustering is designed to improve the availability of the physical server hardware, operating system, and SQL Server instances but excluding the shared storage.Should any of these aspects fail, the SQL Server instance fails over.Microsoft has a great webpage and white paper that you will want to download to get you all of the details, so I won’t repeat everything here.But basically a multi-site cluster is a disaster recovery solution and a high availability solution all rolled into one.As of Tech-Ed 2009, the SQL Server team reported that they plan on supporting this feature, but they say it will come sometime after SQL Server 2008 R2 is released.For the foreseeable future you will be stuck with spanning your subnet across sites in a SQL Server multi-site cluster.Domain Controller (DC) and Windows Cluster Configuration: tab, define a shared data root directory.You can map a drive letter to the clustered disk for SQL instance content.

In addition to that, you will also need to consider client connectivity and cluster management activity.

A collection of cluster resources managed as a single cluster object.

Typically, a resource group contains all of the cluster resources that are required to run a specific application or service.

Consider having different disks for data, log and temp data. Click his Licensing Guide is intended for people who want to gain a basic understanding of how Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 database software is licensed through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

It is important to stress that the secondary server used for failover support need to be separately licensed for SQL Server.

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