Updating sony blu ray firmware

I put a CD-R disk in, made sure to select the Verify Data option and let it rip. I turned on my Sony BDP-S301 Blu-Ray player and when it finaly powered up, I opened the drive and dropped this CD in.

On my TV the message said "Loading" while on the Player, the display said DISC DWLD.

Then, unzip the file and transfer the files onto a USB flash drive.

After the files have been transferred, insert the USB drive into the Blu-Ray player and update the firmware. SAMSUNG is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

* Enhanced playback compatibility with certain BD-ROM format discs, including improved pop-up menu functionality.

Here are the messages in order: DISC-DWLD (with hyphen blinking) DATA CHECK / DOWNLOAD (messages alternating) WRT FLASH1 / DOWNLOAD (about 2 or 3 minutes) WRT FLASH2 / DOWNLOAD (I would say 8 minutes) WRT DRIVE (maybe 5 seconds) WRT SUBCON / DOWNLOAD (1 or 2 minutes) DL OK (finaly!! I took out the disk, closed the door and it rebooted. mdl=BDPS1&upd_id=4318&os_id=30 This utility updates the BDP-S1 firmware to version 4.40, and provides the following benefits: Improvements over firmware version 4.30: Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.* Enhanced customer support capability * Compatibility with the newly released BD-R/RE format (BDMV) * Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs * Enhances playback compatibility with certain BD-ROM format discs * Corrects the output signal status information for audio output and display when Linear PCM 5.1 channel soundtracks are played back via HDMI The downloaded file will produce an file (UPDATE_BDPS1_ver0150.iso) that you burn as an image disk onto a blank DVD media. Granted Sony builds and sells their own computer but shouldn't they support their equipment with all computer software? dont load firmware 3.7 into the bdps1e sony blu ray player as it cause the player to lose audio decoding of dolby true hd in full and pcm audio it reverts back to dolby digital and sony will not admit this so who knows if they will fix it in future firmware if they will not admit fault They should really put a link for the "Please read the firmware update instructions before updating." description because i was looking for the instructions for about 40 min and still no luck can someone please post a link i don't know why but i had no trouble in the past finding the instructions.If you don't have any burner software you can download it for free here The instructions for the Sony Blu-ray player say that the dvd has to be finalized (after being burned). My second question is where is the button on imgburn to finalize. How does one update the firmware if you don't have Window's computers? thanks Firmware 4.20 is now available; I just learned today from Sony inquiring on playback difficulty with the MGM title Live and Let Die, which did not respond to navigation of any sort from the opening movie menu. This would seem relatively simple and to be expected from such a site if so much resource.- Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.- Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs * Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.

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