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The letter emerged as three US aircraft carriers performed drills in the Pacific, marking the first time in a decade that three of them have been seen together.

The USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz conducted operations alongside their carrier groups and ships from the Japanese navy.

Jouas cautioned that it would take days or months for reinforcements to reach the region, leaving 28,000 American troops and 490,000 South Korean soldiers to fend off 1.2million North Korean fighters.

American and South Korean forces would be badly outnumbered in the event of sudden war on the Korean peninsula, and it could take months to reinforce them the former deputy commander of US forces in the region has warned As well as fending off a numerically superior enemy, American and South Korean troops would have to deal with artillery and rocket bombardments and should 'expect' chemical and nuclear attacks as well, Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas said (file image) While America possesses far superior air power, it would still take days to eliminate North Korea's artillery and rocket batteries, leading to thousands of people being killed (pictured, three American aircraft carriers complete drills in the region)The soldiers would have to contend with artillery and rocket bombardments and should 'expect' attacks with chemical and nuclear weapons as well, he wrote in a letter seen by Newsweek.

One distinct advantage held by American forces is a vastly superior air force which could be used to take out artillery and rocket batteries - but this task would likely take 'days', Jouas said, during which 'a lot of people will die'.

And if North Korean troops advance quickly into major cities in the South much America's air power would be negated for fear of killing civilians with strikes, he said.

That is the stark warning issued by Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas, the former deputy commander of U. Forces in Korea, in a letter to Democrats this month.Jouas, who was heavily involved in two years of planning for a North Korean attack on the South, issued the stark warning in a letter to Democrats.It comes amid heightened regional tensions (pictured, Japanese and American ships drill in the Pacific)On top of dealing with a vastly larger North Korean army, chemical and possible nuclear attacks, American and South Korean forces will also have a humanitarian crisis to manage.'This will include over a hundred thousand non-combatant Americans, many of who will turn to US forces to get them off the peninsula,' Jouas wrote.During a speech in Seoul, Trump warned Kim Jong Un 'do not try us' and reiterated his previous statement that the US will not hesitate to protect itself or its allies.Meet, mix and match with single Christians of all ages from 20s-30s, over 40s or 50 plus single seniors and older Christians.

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