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The very first golf carts they built used military surplus 24 volt motors which originally operated the wing flaps Dallas on the B-17. Once they got started they moved the production to Grovetown Georgia to have them assembled at a machine shop owned by Paul Corley.See the History of Pargo for an interesting side light to this story. The head of Textron at that time was Royal Little who bought E-Z-GO because of his love of the game of golf. Billie and Bev both stayed on board until 1978 when Billy Dolan left with some other employees and investors to purchase Club Car which at that time was located in Texas.we are both workers, so the answering machine will take your call, and we will get back to you A. The Register is grateful to these people, and we trust you are satisfied with what we are able to do. OUTDATED ADVERTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED, AS HAVE NON MEMBERS', EXCEPT THE PAID ADVERTS. THE SAME CAN BE SAID OF SOME - Early Volkswagen or F J Holden is exact same rim, just cut out centres. Before ringing, it would be easier, if you have the correct Part Numbers. He is hoping to be able to make identification easier. #### IF YOU HAVE A SOURCE FOR REPAIRS, PARTS AND MAINTENANCE OF HOWARD MACHINERY, OR A SOURCE FOR PARTS, PLEASE CONTACT THE REGISTER (ROBERT), FOR LISTING ON THIS WEB-SITE - (02)6845-3279 or 0458 453 279. Serial Numbers and dating are known to only but a few and they do their best to assist one and all. A 1" OR MORE, MACHINED SPACE IS EASILY SEEN ON EDGE OF TOP SECTION AT BASE OF CYLINDERS OF BLOCK. parts -- including rings, pistons, air filters and gaskets. Mike Burns - TERRIERS, is developing a separate Register to cover the many differences.

Martin (Kenan Thompson), and NYU Economics Professor Nouriel Roubini (Armisen). Fallon returned for the season finale, Timberlake's fourth hosting turn.

Both he and his brother appeared on the March 16, 2010 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where they all performed together.

The sketch uses the music of the Bee Gees' 1975 hit "Nights on Broadway" (with parody lyrics) as its theme.

Fallon returned because he was about to premiere in Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore.

Barry's guests were Nancy Pelosi (Diaz), Ann Coulter (Barrymore), and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (Sanz).

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    If you pick up a piece of pottery and it has identifying marks such as a name or logo, you can easily determine the maker. This is a good place to start to identify the country of origin, if it is not shown.

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