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He had already promised them that I would be their fucktoy for the night, that I was a very good girl who would do anything they wanted, and that he was proud of his little slut and wanted to share her.

He led me to the bed that had been placed in the center of the room for the evening. If you would like to cum on her, feel free; her hair, face, and tits are all ready for your cum.This went on for some time, fucking and sucking, no time to rest; as soon as one cock was removed from my mouth or pussy, another one took it's place.By this point, my pussy was dripping so much juice that I was certain there had to be a wet spot on the bed below me, and I had already cum so many times that I had long since lost count."Now lean forward, I'm going to fuck your ass while he fucks your cunt." I shuddered and leaned forward over the man in my pussy. All around me I could hear the sounds of the rest of the men as they watched me write and moan on all three cocks.Daddy slowly and gently slid his cock into my ass, and he and the man in my pussy began to fuck both of my holes at once. Some commented on what a slut I was, what a nasty, dirty little whore my Daddy had found. Daddy leaned back, pulling a handful of my hair with him, as the man spilled his load on my back.

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