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The department, commissioned with regulating the new marijuana industry, previously stated that demand was not sufficient for the industry, and had opened up licensing to current distributors in Nevada’s medical marijuana industry.“IADON has demonstrated that it will suffer irreparable harm if a preliminary injection does not issue,” Wilson’s ruling stated.Overdriving, torturing, injuring or abandoning animals; failure to provide proper sustenance; requirements for restraining dogs and using outdoor enclosures; penalties; exceptions 574.105 . Mistreatment of police animal and interference with duties of police animal or handler unlawful; penalties; exception 574.107 . First Judicial District Judge James Wilson ordered the Nevada Department of Taxation not to license “any person or entity other than wholesale alcohol distributors,” and negated a May 31 deadline for filing applications, ruling in favor of the 12-member Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada.

“My understanding is that no one really wanted to talk until now,” he said.Mistreatment of dogs used for certain events unlawful; penalties 574.110 . Abandonment of disabled animal unlawful; penalty 574.120 . In keeping with other Nevada privacy laws, the new law does not create a private right of action for violations.Instead, the Nevada Attorney General has exclusive enforcement power, including through injunctive relief or a maximum fine of ,000 per violation.

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