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Some groups have strict rules that limit items they sell to brand names, while others have few if any restrictions.

One downside to shopping: Imagine going through photos of stuff at a garage sale rather than taking everything in at a glance, or quickly rifling through it.

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It’s a great way to make some extra cash and clean out items.” But people still need to use caution when meeting strangers for transactions, she said, and she herself has dropped out of a group because she wasn’t comfortable doing business that way.Because of spam requests from foreigners, she says, she has taken her own group to “secret” status. Check out the rules, number of members, and types of merchandise to see if you want to stay.The next thing to do is familiarize yourself with the terminology: “Cross posted” means the item has been posted on different groups; “porch pickup” means that if you’re buying an item, you will have to pick it up on the seller’s porch; “EUC” means “excellent used condition”; “ISO” means “in search of.” There are even groups within groups.Downsides to selling: Imagine having to photograph and type in a description of each item you’re selling.Even though it wouldn’t seem worth it, items are sold in some of the groups for as low as a dollar.

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