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It’s a tool for communication, and for easily retrieving information we need.

Everything from your emergency contact numbers for your extended family, to looking up who played the supporting role in that movie you and your friends are arguing about is at your fingertips.

While giving a smartphone to a teen is one part rite of passage, and one part necessity, it can also be a good way to get teens arrested if they aren’t given a safety discussion first.

While prosecutors tend to be reluctant to pursue aggressive sentences for teens who are caught sexting with a boyfriend or girlfriend, under other circumstances, heavier penalties will apply.Sometimes all it takes is a year of difference between a teen and a partner for serious problems to erupt.That’s why its better to talk about it, and get it out in the open, before it happens.In the instance where a sexting image gets distributed to more than one child or teen, more pressure is exerted on the legal system to make an example out of the wrongdoers and impose harsher sentences.It isn’t just sex that can get teens in trouble when it comes to their smartphones, either.

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