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I see another from a vixen with a stiletto heel unhooking her G-string and a lady with a Catwoman mask licking latex.This guy is clearly some goddang Pornmeister on sabbatical to fantasy land.So by saying “I am going to fall”, I should hardly be surprised that ‘by the powers of Greyskull’ the universe would react to my thoughts and send me plummeting to my embarrassing end. Now if Sid falls over I don’t crumple my brow and go “Oooooeeeyeowch”.

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I told her I do folk dancing in Ealing following recommendations from my Polish mum in law.It’s a full moon tonight and, being a bit of a lunar loony, I know this is not only going to affect me but the audience as well.There’s a reason why Full Moon festivals came into being.From now on when I swing my legs up on the pole I will say “I can do it, I can do it,” just as, if a friend loses their job, I now say congratulations, if someone dies I crack open the champagne, if someone’s relationship breaks up I now pip, “How exciting, a new one around the corner.” As Dr Wayne Dyer preaches, ” Change your thoughts, change your life.” Like pole dancing you could be surprised at how incredibly liberating you find it. Aggh, he’s got messages from women with all kinds of strange profile pics.Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: Amanda Knox, brainwashed, butterfly, butterfly diaries, champagne, Christina Aguilera, Dr Wayne Dyer, Facebook, fear, fight the fear, fireman, Foxy Knoxy, Hay House, neck brace, pole dancing, poledancer, social butterflies, stripper, stunt, sweet liberation, transformation, universe, video The Chinchillas have had more babies, Jan’s hot-footed it back to Sweden and J is playing hard to get. There’s one from Angel whose bottom is sticking out of bubble bath.

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