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Many of you commented also as to 'why' George Harrison would want a wife who was sneaking around.Well then again there are conficting views about that also.

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Nevertheless- Clapton was obsessed with Boyd but his own drug addiction probably led to him not even being able to remember all the details when he was creating the song in the studio.

Maybe we will never ever really know all the facts but I hope that Clapton gives another interview someday.

Weird how often soap opera storylines come up in the history of rock and roll. According to our sources Bobby Whitlock is not a reliable source, he don't know half as much as he says he does.

I fo you realy want some facts about this song, I would recomend getting a DVD copy of "Tom Dowd & the langrage of music".

In it you will get the facts in the words of the album procucer, and see him re-mix some of the intro with his comments of both the guitars.

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