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Nearly 00 on the credit card—but I figured that by the time Marianne saw the bill, that would be the least of my worries.I went home to our house, empty in the middle of the day, and set up audio recorders in our bedroom, spare bedroom, guest room, my study, the living room, and the kitchen.That night I finally got confirmation of what I was already sure of. Part of me longed to say to someone, "Well, actually, I've not been doing so well.It was a short phone call that Marianne received in her car that morning, undoubtedly on her throw-away cell phone. Marianne is fucking some other guy and won't tell me about it, and I'm pretty devastated. " On Monday I left work during the morning and drove out along Route 8 to the Sunflower Motel, which I recognized as the one Marianne had mentioned to her lover.While I was at it, I checked through all our credit card bills and our phone records. Obviously this was no one-time thing, no sudden slip into a single night of passionate adultery.I found nothing incriminating: no unexplained hotel stays, no charges at restaurants I hadn't been to, no pattern of frequent calls to any one number besides the familiar ones of our friends and family. I realized I would have to check her purse, and put a recorder in her car, in addition to what I had already done. Alternately heartsick and furious, I managed to get through my day without my colleagues noticing how I was feeling. It was an ongoing affair, one that had gone on for months—or years?It took no more than a friendly 20-minute conversation, with a bit of catching up on one another's lives, to get all the equipment advice I needed.I told him I was doing a project for a commercial client obsessed with security, and explained that I'd need the latest in miniaturized listening devices that would transmit wirelessly to recorders.

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She would never find it unless she happened to dump out the entire purse and look for it.Do not miss the opportunity and enjoy a free webcam show! If you looking for free latina cams with passionate spanish cam babes online visit latina chat cams where will find the hottest hispanic cam girls review on sexcam!Live free cam shows with the hottest webcam girls free livesex video chat rooms! Create your FREE nick and enjoy real LIVE sex shows with the hottest webcam girls! It was quite clear to me: I would have to go on pretending to Marianne that everything was fine, until I had absolute proof of her adultery. I had a lot of freedom within my company—I could come and go during the day, to see clients or visit job sites, and it would not seem unusual. She worked in client relations for a public relations firm, and was always going to lunch or to business meetings.

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