American man dating indian women assessing attractiveness in online dating profiles

Of course, most Indian women are still quite good, but there is a growing number of radical feminist types and ultra-westernized types in the big cities.There is a huge anti-feminist movement in India, with an estimated 30,000 Indian men's rights activists.I am an intelligent person and can understand things simply by seeing them, so I never had to go through the relationship meat grinder of America.Did you know that one in four American women take medication for a mental disorder?I'd recommend that you come here to learn about the culture and religion. There are many yoga organizations and spiritual organizations you can join. Also, if you marry a woman from India or Asia, go and live in her country.Arranged marriages are based more on concepts of duty and loyalty than western marriages.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between Indian women who live in India and Indian women who live in the West.

Does she satisfy a need for companionship, yes I think so. The more educated a woman is, the less dependent she will be on a man.

Women in the West are so independent because they are way too "educated." Education is nothing but a disguised indoctrination.

Despite Illuminati brainwashing, plenty of these women still exist in the west and shouldn't be abandoned.) By John Rambo(by I am a 28-year-old American man living in India, married to an Indian girl.

It was an arranged marriage, arranged by her parents.

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